Discovering and manipulating nature

Understanding how nature works is the first step forward.

Within a scientific environment we hack nature by allowing it to do its work for our purposes or by mimicking it. Discovery, however, is limited to our understanding.

We aim to keep materials as raw as possible as zero waste and minimal energy expenditure is our goal.

When we understand the natural properties of seaweed we can develop polymers with a spectrum of different attributes that are desirable for different applications; medicine, food, cosmetics, textiles, art projects. A think tank of individuals with diverse experience is useful to identify the potential within a material.

What are the applications? What are the desired properties?

What is the lifespan of the product? When will it degrade?

Will the product be soluble, water resistant, water proof?

Our main focus is toward the production of films and 3D structures.

The Process:

-Raw materials are broken down.

-The scale of ingredients are refined to fine tune bio-polymer properties.

-Material chemistry is manipulated toward strength, flexibility and density.

-Adopting different drying conditions to change the structure.

Prototype Natural Seaweed bio-polymer film










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